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I would if I had an extra. Only 1 of the extras made it to someone I intended it for in that compromised stash. I could go for an AT-RT driver. ---In fact on rebelscum I listed that I'm trading a tvc AOTC trooper for At-rt driver, Zam Wessel or Kit Fisto. Lmk.
ok i think i saw that too on rebelscum,unfortunately, i don't need any vintage except upcoming wedge and some wv7. I had the atrt driver listed for trade/sale for couple weeks on rblscm but, only one offer but that fell through, so I expect it will be stay in my possession for a bit longer now. But if you see a restock of colt in your area, i definately am interested in trading it for colt (or even wedge,han,logray,fordo,bom, ) or selling atrt driver