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Sorry, it was La Cienega.
NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I live right by there now. I hate missing out. Probably for the best though, I'm super broke.

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JT -- hah! Instead of asking u for codes I should've told you sooner. Forgot u needed him. Glad u were able to get one. I know how that feels -knowing you have a password, but coming up short tryin to put it in. Too bad there weren't any good SW figs to combine into the order & save on shipping
Oh well, it all worked out. HTS does indeed suck for product lately though, can't find anything to tack on to make their painful shipping price feel better.

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The forum is moving very S-L-O-W-L-Y for me today, and I'm waiting on the Transformers thread still. Has anyone found Rumble yet, or just Windcharger? Given how relatively easy it's been to find the recent "Ross exclusive" GIJoes here, this may be a real godsend.
No Rumble will be found, it never made it to US production, only Asia gets him and Frenzy (for now).

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How great are Ross and Marshalls? Let me count a few of the ways:

12 GI Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Troops for $3.99 each
1 ROTF Evac for $5.99
1 ROTF red Rampage for $5.99
1 clearanced MARS 3 pack for $4 (can't resist the idea of 3 customizable figures for $4)

These stores constantly prove the adage "Only suckers pay retail," which sounds like it was one of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, though I can find no confirmation of this. I've been a "sucker" by this definition plenty of times and will likely be again.
The thing is, closeout is great if you like having the thing now, but a disaster if you want the next thing in the line after that. Once a bunch of product in your line goes to closeout, it weakens the chances of the line continuing. Hasbro can't make money with entire waves going straight to liquidation.