Hey LA gang, don't forget to check into the SDCC Get Together thread if you haven't already. I'm proposing a Saturday afternoon get together, but we're taking time ideas from everybody. http://www.sirstevesguide.com/showth...r?goto=newpost

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I skipped the Voltron figure. I have a die-cast 15" combiner in my classroom, so unless Mattel does something very large, I'll skip this line.
Right on! While moving, I found my boxed set from a re-release in the late '90s, so thrilled to be able to put that up on display. I also have the transforming 8" one from that same era, been using it as my primary, but seeing the mobility and blazing sword action on the SDCC one, I must admit that I am tempted, and if they have any in the booth, I may end up buying it.