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    New CW Figs Found!

    Found the latest wave of CW figs at my local KMart. Picked up Savage Opress, ARF Trooper with airboard, Snow Koon, and Cmdr Jet. Savage is the winner out of this bunch. Hated paying $9.00 per figure but with the lack of new product in Santa Clarita lately, thought I would buy them now in case I can't find them later. I can always return them if I find them cheaper.

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    good luck mr. gorsky

    Great to see this thread is coming alive again with finds. The only really new thing I found tonight was a TF at Culv. city target. HA Leadfoot. He has been claimed. Both CC target & TRU had at least one LC Ironhide.

    as for SW, no new CW, no exciting TVC either.

    Saw the Skystriker at TRU -nice box, just no room for it (or $!). On the topic of Joes - El chuxter, I need a good Cobra cmdr and was wondering which one you would recommend? I loved the Resolute design, but he was too hard to find & like an idiot i think i passed when i did see him. (Hadn't seen Resolute by that time -loved the cartoon!). Haven't seen the 30th anniversary cards, but will keep my eyes peeled.

    Tycho sux for finding the TFU II BP before everyone else . How much did that run?

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    From last night...
    Target West Hollywood had Transformers Leader Class Ironhide but it was $52. Nothing SW.

    Kmart Fairfax had no figures.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaddymac View Post
    Has anybody seen the Force Unleashed II battle pack in the wild yet?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Yes, ChaddyMac, I bought a couple probably back in June.
    No, he's talking about the NEW and FINAL Force Unleashed multi-pack (it's not actually from TFU2 despite what Hasbro said at SDCC) that's hitting TRUs very lightly, it has Sith Starkiller, Darth Phobos, Imperial Navy Commando and Officer, and yet another Evo trooper. Anyway, I've only seen 2 reports of these hitting, both in late July, but no sightings personally and not seen sightings since.
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    bikerscout, let me look over my Cobra Commanders and let you know what's the best aside from the Resolute one. I can't swear to it since I don't have it yet, but I think the second Pursuit of Cobra one might be the best; I think it's a kitbash from the Resolute version and the comic pack version that came with Tripwire. (Speaking of which, that set was easy to find at one point, and I've seen it recently at Big Lots, so that might be the best easily-obtainable one.)

    Off the usual subjects, but if any of you were collecting the Toy Story 3 Buddies, or wanted to but didn't because every two pack comes with another frickin' Buzz or Woody and they cost $8 a set, I found quite a few at the 99 Only store in Cathedral City. I got the Peas, Rocky, Pricklepants, Bookworm, and the Green Alien for my daughter, since $4.95 for the lot of them made me care a lot less that it meant three more Woodies and two more Buzzes.

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    Yes. I have Darth Phobos in the FINAL FORCE UNLEASHED battlepack. It was like $45+ at TRU, too. IIRC

    What sucks is I can't find HA Leadfoot down here in San Diego - or my Target is catering to my "scalper friend." I believe he drove up and down the coast (through SD and Orange County anyway) and bought 36 of them for some scalper-dealer in Japan that he makes deals with. Presumably, I can buy ONE from him at cost (as well as another HA Barricade I want to pick up for lack of HA Scale Decepticons***) but he is a hard one to pin down. I have an idea where I can find him though - if I want to pay the door-charge to go in and find him. *Sigh*

    I might make a run to K-Mart now, as I'd like to have a chance to buy Savage Opress. I believe he fought Ventress who made him submit to her when he was shirtless amongst the Nightsisters, right?

    LC Ironhide has sat at my TRU inspite of a buy 1 get 1/2 off the 2nd Transformers sale. ????? WTF? He's a great LC figure. One of the best they've ever made. Maybe a month ago I was trying very hard to claim at least 2 of him. But if he's not moving, and Sentinel Prime is sitting (in spite of being a great character performed well Leonard Nimoy), I don't think things look good for the LC line. But BUMBLEBEE (LC) sold through. Whatever. Sentinel is a FIRETRUCK of all things. Bumblebee (the Camaro) has been offered in every scale but Scout Class for the past 5 years!

    It's possible that I'm seeing the shelves refreshed of cases with only Ironhide and Sentinel Prime now, however.
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    $45 for the TFU bp?? Goooooodd*&%&n. They shoulda threw in a midsize vehicle too for that price! I don't know why i wrote TFU 2 pack before. I meant to put TFU bp, and knew that Hasbro meant the first TFU.

    JT -- Gonna show a pic of your little friend to tycho?? Lol!

    chuxter ---thanx. I'll try & look for that one. The hyperlink in your post - is that the exact one from the pack? or 30th anniv? ?
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    That's the Pursuit of Cobra version, which supposedly hit a couple of months ago, but I've seen nothing but millions of Arctic Destros and "Zartans in Raptor Disguise" and don't know if anyone else has actually found it. (I know a few other characters from the wave have been found.) is usually pretty good about listing the "recipes" used for figures when it comes to re-used parts, but they've been slow to update and this one (I think he'd be version 42, by their count) isn't on there yet. It's tough to tell from the picture at that size, but it's definitely the Resolute head and helmet. The legs look like they're from a previously existing CC, but I have no idea which (could be any of them, even the ROC version). Not sure if the torso is molded that way, but it looks like he's wearing an overcoat, which is likely a separate piece; not sure if that's new, but I'm not recognizing it immediately. (It may be from the canceled Arctic Cobra Commander that was supposed to come out a couple of years ago.) No idea on the arms; can't see them well enough. He looks like he comes with the cape from the comic pack Cobra Commander (and, IIRC, was also used in the 5-pack that I call the "Valor vs Venom throwback BattlePack," which had 25th Anniversary figures repainted in Valor vs Venom color schemes).

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    BTW, the definitive Snake Eyes would definitely be #54 from December, which can still be found on shelves occasionally.

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    Anyone interested in a TRU Rebel Transport? I found and bought an extra for anyone who wants. If not, he's going back to the store.

    Also picked up the Thundercat twins. I think I'm gonna just get Cheetara on Amazon so I can stop hunting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    BTW, the definitive Snake Eyes would definitely be #54 from December, which can still be found on shelves occasionally.
    Chuxter: I like this SE, but I have the last 3 that came out from the lines before the card change. The one with silver weapons, cartoon SE, and arctic SE (which i'm an idiot & haven't opened yet). Also haven't opened my HoH Firefly and Beachead. (sp?). Both of those guys look so badass! Still reading your info re: CC. Thanks. Man, so many!

    If no one wants that SL spacetrooper - he'll be offered for trade on scum or taken back to store.

    Thx to JT for the scout speeder. Hope u got some cool stuff for your bday! Stuff from my bday is still coming in the mail. Wonder what it is?

    Can't wait to get the 25th anniv. Unicron in the mail. Anyone else order that?!? (<--bday gift to myself )

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