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    Bikerscout - Nom Anor is not shipping until next year (or really close to Christmas if nothing else).

    The next SW items I hope to find are multiple Seripas (Clone Wars) and the Walking Cannon (Clone Wars - from the movie).

    I don't think there is anything else out there shipping that I don't have.

    For Transformers, I'm going to start looking for Soundwave products (Cyberverse, Deluxe, Human Alliance - no reports of these shipping yet though).
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    Jaff - I can't remember the card print well enough. (crap!) I think it was Return OTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerscout View Post
    Jaff - I can't remember the card print well enough. (crap!) I think it was Return OTJ.
    I could be wrong, but I think the B-Wing pilot is Revenge. He was released in a multi-pack, but not on the Return card. He's one of the few re-releases on the Revenge card that was never released on the Return card. I think.
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    i don't want to really go back and look at the card, but we need help on this one!

    I forgot to mention this, but last time I was in La Cien. tru (last wk.) i saw some of the new Joe figs. A bunch of Sgt. Stalkers and Iron grenadiers I believe.

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    I have found nuthin' nowheres here in the 40-some-miles-east of LA Area over the last two/three weeks or so. I bought a CW Hondo about a month back; that's it.
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    all of the Hasbro mail away stuff arrived at once today. Proto boba fett and TF t-shirt/Kreon/coupon pack. Good cardboard used for Fett's outer shipping box, but maybe not good enough b/c there's a big puncture mark on the back. Praying the inside contents are ok.

    The coupon for TF is the same one Hasbro's been giving away at stores. The Kreon is Optimus as expected and the shirt is cool. Just barely fits me. Afraid to wash it, it'll be too tight. The size selection was bad from the outset and I'm lucky I did get an adult medium tee.


    haven't been to any stores this week yet.
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    Been busy with my grandmother's memorial last week, and this week another crisis to take up my time. I can tell you that Target Culver and W.LA still have nothing of note, although they did have the new Joes.
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    My condolences to you and your family, JT. The passing of a grandmother is no small matter. I lost two grandparents 30 days apart a summer ago and it still weighs on me.

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    quick report:

    LF TRU: 2 tvc Bom Vimdins
    1 rebel fleet trooper (some a^&$^&# took the proto Boba mailaway form)
    In marvel aisle I saw a 3.75" Dr. doom. Didn't stash.

    Glendale target: CW cold gear Plo Koon x2 on endcap

    Eagle (or as some say smeagol) Rock target: stashed a spacetrooper. PM or text for location. I advise to pick it up this week if u wanna take advantage of the 6.99 figure sale. Really annoyed that it doesn't apply to tvc though. Bas tards

    Haven't been back to the location to check on the stashes of tvc wave 9 - so no idea if they're there. Surprised no one jumped on those. (actually some did, but had to pass reluctantly for various reasons)
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    I think Nom Anor might be out now.

    I saw Hoth Rebel Trooper, Gree, B-Wing Pilot, Bastilla Shan, and Ponda Baba at the Redlands Target. Nom Anor is listed on the back of a few of those. I had the Hoth Trooper and Ponda, along with a Spacetrooper, in my cart. But when they get to $9, human army builders start getting less interesting when they've had a few similar ones in the past year, and the paint on Ponda sucked--if I'm paying that much, I want his mouth-butts properly on-kilter. When I put those two back, the Spacetrooper seemed less interesting.
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