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    Random holiday finds

    Had breakfast at "The Brig" in Dana Point yesterday and noticed they had a bunch of POTF and TPM figures for sale in the lobby. Weird stuff...

    Was in Burbank Mall today and stopped into Chubby13 for fun- not much SW to be found, except for a prominently displayed POTF Desert Skiff for $79.99. It said "with figures", and when I looked, it had all the characters from the movie scene (only Luke should be in there), but they had all fallen down, and there were a bunch of white glue puddles all over the deck. I couldn't believe my eyes.

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    In any case....

    Palm Desert Target: Nada
    Palm Desert Ross: Nada (unless you count two Cobra Furies with Alley Vipers torn out of them, finally marked down a whole $3.50 to $8.49... I first saw them in this condition this summer, so it's nice they eventually marked 'em down, I suppose)
    Palm Desert Marshalls: Nada
    Palm Desert TJ Maxx: Two metric tons of Revenge of Cobra figures. Seriously. Revenge of Cobra. And these were new arrivals. Sad, eh?
    Cathedral City Target: Nada
    Palm Springs TJ Maxx: Same as the one in Palm Desert. There was also one Ripper on a completely brutalized card.
    Beaumont Wal-Mart: Nada
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Anything in the last 3 weeks of the year is generally not part of YIR, we've talked about it before, and in the rare cases where it breaks that precedent, it's got to hit HARD nationwide and it's got to be exceptional in some significant way.
    Oh they are exceptional, JT. For me (with none found thus far) they are EXCEPTIONALLY hard to find
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    There are now 909 pages of this thread. IE representin' !

    In said Inland Empire, just the discarded (pun always intended) figures from pre-holidays on the pegs. Far too many Clone Wars/Legends figs. Nothing new. Yet...
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    Cue the Beatles' song "One After 909!"

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    No signs of the TPM wave though I did find a lone Darth Maul at Glendale Target around 2 weeks ago.

    I've seen TF Sky Shadow and Junkheap at a few Targets so they shouldn't be too hard to find for everyone.

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    Picked up a Vintage Tauntaun today for half off (about $12.50), which is a more reasonable price.

    Have a Happy New Year everyone.

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    Picked up the Target-exclusive Hostage Crisis 4-pack for $12.48 at Culver City. It's not a bad set, they did a great job with the Weequay bounty hunter reusing the torso from Hondo Onaka, and Robonino is not bad either. Still, no way in hell I would have paid full price for it, the 2 Commando Droids are fine but I have plenty of those guys, even if these are in pirate drag.
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    Found some of the TPM vintage wave (Anakin, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Battle Droid and Darth Sidious) at Walmart today. They also had the new Darth Maul packaged figures, of which I picked up the Clone Wars Phase II Clone Trooper, and new Battle Packs and vehicles.

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    SDCC pre-registration is open, for any that haven't signed up yet:

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