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Oh ya, I'm a big Qui-gon fan, so it was great to see his ultimate FX saber on the shelf. Wally exclusive. Wonder what target's is??
Theres no target saber exclusive, quigon is part of the discover the force line for walmart. Target only has the darkside 2 packs so far.

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Now, I'm looking for

SW mini-rigs that I heard were never released - the Y-wing pod and Obi-Wan attack shuttle for example.

The fighter asst. vehicle Mandalorian Transport (not sure if that's been released at all).
The mini ywing came out in wv2 of the 2nd edition blue skys packaging when they changed box shape almost immediately after wave 1 dropped this did it contained repacked ani and naboo skiff and cad bane with pirate bike in the same assortment prob about 5 months back.

The republic recon fighter with obiwan and boba with speeder were said to be canceled by hasbro. Although the republic recon fighter is said to be with anakin now in wv 2 of the maul packaging.

The mando assult vehicle is still MIA , EE still lists it as coming out jan and i know u can get it in tri logo on canadian shelves , there are quite a few on ebay with tri logo and one or two production samples of english ones, hopefully it doesnt fall through the cracks.

The other thing we are missing are the 2 dvd 2packs that walmart was supposed to have they came out in the uk but are still missing over here. The 2 brain invaders packs.

on another note i have gotten most of the new stuff just missing the new vintage repack vehicles and the discover the force line and a few new CW thats about it.