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I've still not been able to find a HISS Scout or Cycle Armour at any ROSS. If anyone comes across a pair, please stash (though Ross is a tough place to stash). Thanks!
In the 2 Rosses I went to yesterday, I didn't see those. All I remember was a 3 pack of Destro's troops - grenadiers or whatever. Hit a TJ Maxx to, but nothing good there either.

At Target I picked up Green Lantern: Emerald Knights for 4.75. Been wantin to see this for a while. Heard it's even better than GL: First Flight and I enjoyed that one pretty well. Alllllmost bought Captain America dvd for $9, but passed at the last minute since it was the end of the night & had already spent enough. Hopefully the bluray goes on a good sale soon.

Now the best for last - at a wally in the valley I nabbed a 'Discover the Force' Aurra Sing! I actually saw her at a different store, but stashed her & a couple other for another collector *cough darkknight cough* who was lookin for them. I wanted one too & looks like my kindness paid off, by seeing her again. Also found a CW Hevy who rang up at $1. Yes, a buck. Glad I didn't buy him before & couldn't pass this time.

I'm afraid to open that TF: Prime WJ - looks so nice on card!! Also have a lot of SW and other TF to open from last year. Can't keep up!