I hit Wondercon on Saturday in the pouring rain, nearly got wiped out on the drive up there by some jackass in a raised pickup, then had to sit for 45 minutes to get from the 5 exit to the parking lot 6 blocks away, and had to hide my camera under my jacket to avoid it getting soaked on the 2 block walk to the convention center.

The volleyball tournament was a weird sight, they seemed confused by the huge costumed crowds. There was no signage explaining that registration was downstairs, and I have to agree with Bikerscout that the layout at this convention center sucks for something like this -- the panel rooms were bad too, very shallow and wide so almost nobody gets to see the dais, almost everybody's in the wings. The exhibit hall wasn't that well organized and was smaller than I expected for a con that last year had 50k people. There were too many dealers surrounding everything, and not enough things to see. That said, it wasn't terrible, I'd like to see them either create a new con in LA or alternate Wondercon in SF and here. Oh, and they REALLY need a better system for their food facilities, that was a confusing mess and there's nothing nearby the doors of the con.

I bought 2 new Koto ice cube trays - Vader and the Stormtrooper. I meant to get the Falcon as well, but I wasn't feeling well and left early.