There was a huge public outcry for the first... 12 years maybe? Then people just got sick of being jerked around, and now NFL's TV ratings are way down in LA, which I think alone would be an issue they'd want to consider - they're losing TV revenues, merchandise sales, and ticket sales obviously.

The Rams were the worst because they sucked here, then went to St Louis and almost immediately took the Lombardi. The Raiders were way too popular with the thug crowd, of that I cannot argue. Now they play for thugland, so it all works out.

I thought the LA Stadium plan for City of Industry was the one with the most far-along approval right now, even over Farmer's Field and the Coliseum and Rose Bowl.

I'm not down with college ball, but if USC can make something out of the Coliseum, then I guess that's a good thing for the NFL issue.