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Marshalls and them put price tags on their products though, hard to get off without tearing the packaging. 7 or 8 Obi-Wans sounds more like shifted product leftovers than buying at Marshalls, those types of stores get cases too. And it doesn't address the fact that employees cannot put refunds into the system for them without receipts, the system simply won't accept that stock without a receipt - and their old system wouldn't pay out on old stock at full price, but at the lowest price the product had been in their system at from the last 30 days which in this case would be bottom-level clearance lower than what Marshalls and other liquidators would charge.
The tj maxx stickers are easy to get off. Obviously somebody returned other tvc figures they didn't want -purchased within the 90 day period and swapped them out. You're overthinkin this man. (and riddling my posts with bulletholes -!!!)