Culver Target had TF Prime Voyager Bulkhead and Starscream, I passed again. They want $32 now for SW vehicles!!! This is not a good sign. Same Target had GI Joe movie figures and vehicles.

Culver TRU had jack, La Cienega Target was in the same boat.

Seeing the GI Joe movie basics for the first time, I don't see any retracted articulation on the 5 they had - SE, SS, Duke, Roadblock, and Cobra (para)Trooper - it looked like SOP for modern Joes except I think some had swivel wrists while others had universal-wrists but no ankles, which in my book is an acceptable tradeoff. $10 for a Joe figure is not though.

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Thanks, JT! Filled some holes in my collection with that!
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Thanks JT!

I have the Evazan/Aayla/Nom Amor wave coming from HTS but still need that Mon Cal pilot so I got one of him along with a 501st trooper.
Glad to hear it!

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I just kinda figure I don't hunt for toys, and what I find in my normal shopping trips, I get. I only order figures who are unavailable in stores at this point. If I order regular retail figures, it will throw off that rhythm.

Sad to say, it's pretty much gotten that bad over the past couple of years. And, though I really do hate to harp on it, the one-two GIJoe suckerpunch of "the good stuff you've all asked for is only at one discount chain"/"we're recalling the movie toys and to hell with you if you didn't find them in the week leading up to the street date" has disillusioned me even more.
I sorta know what you mean about just looking when you're out, not hunting actively. Still, if it's a figure you really want, getting is better than not getting IMO.

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Good tip JT. If they had Aayla, i might go for her and 501st. Dunno
They had Aayla before I got there, sold through I guess, same with Nom Anor and something else, I forget. I couldn't even find the new Vader, the TVC Vader listings all show previous Vaders, too many Vaders spoil the broth.

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It came up in another thread. Essentially what they did was delay the movie less than a week before the toys came out, tell fans that what was shipped would be sold but there wouldn't be more, then tell stores (a day or so before release date) to ship everything back. Some stores are, some aren't. Like I said, it looks like I live in the one place on Earth where they stuck to the street date and demand to return everything. Except for one TRU, but, thanks to them being the only place who had anything at all and their BOGO sale, only has the incredibly bad motorcycles.

(Admittedly, those motorcycles are only bad at full price. Once Ross gets them for $5, I'll get a few.)

It also looks like they don't have the sense to make it up to retailers and fans by shipping stuff that they should know would sell through, like the HTF 2011 figures and re-released/repainted Cobras; they supposedly don't mind losing the shelf space.

Happy 50th birthday, GIJoe! It may be a couple of years off, but Hasbro's starting early to make sure it thoroughly blows.
Ouch, that's really bad news, I hadn't heard that. I almost don't believe it just because that's pre-planned real-estate for GI Joe, it's a continuous brand, pulling all product would be a disaster for the brand both for consumers and for retailers who don't want to waste space on empty pegs.