Los Feliz Post Office, never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Crenshaw WM had a Logray and Rebel Fleet Trooper, I had the RFT in my hands but set him down when I saw the lines at 12:30pm were as long as they are at christmas. WTF? Why have 2 dozen registers if you're going to staff 4 of them, and you're going to staff them with the SLOWEST SLOTH-PEOPLE ON THE PLANET?!?

La Cienega Target, Culver City Target, and CC TRU had zip. Oh, actually, those last two had LEGO Lord of the Rings sets (they look ok, it's great to see them exist but they feel a bit... boring as sets) and CC Target had both GI Joe movie 3-packs, plus some of Chux's Thundercats clearance 4-packs.