La Cienega TRU had a TFP Cyb Cmdr Dreadwing, I stashed but it was a lame stash now that I think about it.

CC TRU, Target La Cienega, Target CC, none of them had jack.

Target CC got a ton of clearance repack, so that tells me they move a lot of toys and it's a difficult store for a collector to find good things but they do enough volume to make it a consideration. They had so much repack that they were stuffing it onto the bottoms of endcaps and any free pegs, almost every line was present - lots of TF Dark of the Moon deluxe junk, and a bunch of those SW 2-packs Vader & Anakin and Maul & Sidious. Also a lot of the Geonosis packs, not on clearance.

Oh, and they raised the f'ing prices on every Hasbro figure in the $7-$13 pricerange a buck. I fear Hasbro's about to sink under the weight of their overhead.