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    Alrite, i know you're all exhausted, but here or in CC thread, i wanna hear everyone's stories!! Pix would be cool too. I only got to go Thurs & pvw night as u know. Fri -sun, i'm dyin to hear about. Anybody get any really cool swag?? shirts?

    JT -- i was almost dead on with my lettuce/tomatoes comment in your CC thread --but I'm dyin to hear your story.

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    BS - I got nothjng but sad stories to tell. This may be the last time I go.

    In the meantime, I thought this was worthy of note: $15 for $30 Worth of Merchandise *at Big Lou's Toys & Collectibles

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    I'll likely be recovering from SDCC for a while, before I can tell the tales. If any of you are missing Shae Vizla, she's up on Amazon:

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    This was probably the worst Comic-con experience I've ever had. This is the first time I actually didn't have a chance to walk through the dealer booths or artist alley. Heck, I didn't even get a chance to go into the Gaslamp District.

    Thursday was a complete waste, thanks to the mismanagement of the Lego booth and their handling of the Hobbit Scavenger Hunt. Really, how hard is it to pass out a scavenger hunt map and then to string people along through out the day saying that they'll be handing them out later, until late in the day saying nope all done the game is over.

    Saturday was 10 hours waiting in line for Hall H to finally be lucky enough to get and see Iron Man 3. We saw maybe 10 people leave that Hall all day. The con needs to figure out a better system. They at least need to get more people to find all the empty seats in the Hall and fill them with people waiting outside. When I was in there for Iron Man 3, there were not just a single empty seat here and there, but lots of groups of 2-5 empty seats together.

    Sunday I had planned as my shopping day. I was also hoping to pick up the X-Force 3 pk from Hasbro (Sold Out). But the exhaustion, minor dehydration and lack of sleep finally caught up to me and I left the con early to get back home.

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    I'll bet Lego's raffle for the superhero minifigs was just as mismanaged as last year's then? I got kicked out of the end of that line many, many times last year and got so frustrated because on one hand, they make such a hoopla over their giveaways and even posted the times during which raffle tickets would be distributed. Why wouldn't you expect a massive crowd and why wouldn't you do everything you could to try to alleviate that situation? Maybe design your booth a little better so that the raffle line doesn't wind all around the booth, which the con security and fire marshals definitely frown upon? There was even a person from the Lego booth (saw him again this year too) who kept yelling at us about having to leave the area.

    From darkagent's account, it seems like Lego has learned nothing at all. I guess since they're the leading toy manufacturer and surpass everyone else in sales, they feel they can string people along at SDCC with their exclusives and scavenger hunts and giveaways and it doesn't even matter.

    I'll definitely go again but it seemed like security was even worse than last year. I found the usual issues about not everyone being on the same page but this year seemed worse. Maradona and I got there early to get passes for HTS (which if we had waited later in the day or the next day, we probably wouldn't even have needed) and then we determined that perhaps exiting the convention center and then waiting downstairs might be the best course of action if we wanted to head to HTS first.

    I think that worked a lot better for Maradona than it did for me as I got stuck in the sea of humanity waiting outside the convention center. The only reason I was able to enter through any of the doors was because this woman took exception to how security treated her and made a huge tirade which distracted security and enabled us with badges to pass through the doors.

    However, the HTS line seemed to have moved a LOT more faster than in previous years. Last year, I entered the line at roughly the same time and didn't complete my purchases until around noon time.

    alright, I'm tired just writing all of that so I'll end here.

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    Lego did do something right this year. For the superhero raffle, they simply scanned your badge. There was no more waiting in line to put your hand in a box to hopefully get a winning ticket. Then line up again if you didn't win, or if you're a scummy dealer, line up again to see if you can win more to sell. This time each badge only had one chance to win.

    You're right security was a joke this year. Friday morning, starting at hall A, they funneled everyone outside to hall E. Problem was that hall E funneled people upstairs to the sails pavilion. If you wanted to enter the con from downstairs you had to go wait at the hall F outdoor entrance until 9:30. 9:30 comes along and out of all the doors to hall F they only had one open. Turned out, they didn't have enough security to open any more doors to check badges. After 5-10 mins. of hundreds of people trying to funnel through just one door, they finally announced you could get in through the hall E and D doors.

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    Sorry to hear guys. I hope u guys had some sort of fun, b/c it doesn't look like it from any of what was mentioned. That's sad. I was only there 1.5 days & yeah, overall it did seem a little sloppy. (So what t-shirts did u guys get me?)

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    Anyone know how long it takes a new Dollar General to actually get enough shipments to fill all their shelves and pegs? One opened near me on Sunday, but they haven't gotten the Joes yet. About half their pegs are empty, and the manager told me that they hadn't received all their initial shipments. They still didn't have them today (and there's still no peg marked for them, so I'm pretty sure they've not just come and gone).

    As for Comic-Con, I (quite unexpectedly) made it in on Friday. I saw the Hama panel, got the SDCC exclusive Joe comic (signed by Herb Trimpe, no less), was able to finally get the Free Comic Book Day Transformers and Atomic Robo comics, and dropped the Speeder Bike. Pretty good day, I'd say
    That's my jacket!

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    I stashed a 3.75" Avengers Hawkeye at Glendale Target in case anyone's looking for one.

    Black Widow was bought by me however.

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    Thanks to Figrin Bran for the Movie Hawkeye stash (still looking for the Comic version). If anybody sees a FF Dr. Doom/Spiderman 2-pack, please pick up or stash. I'm looking for that one, along with the Adam Warlock/Thanos 2-pack. If I can find those two 2-packs, a Black Widow, and a Movie Masters Catwoman, I'll be set for the foreseeable future.

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