I got theMTT at Wal-Mart!

I will not be sure I'll be able to afford it this month, so I am not opening it yet. It's a huge (lengthwise) box and looks great. It's heavy too, so I think there's a toy inside the box.

It was $128 at Wal-Mart. Having it sealed for the moment is also a good idea in case there's a sale or price drop.

I found it once before, late last week. They had 2 on the shelf at the time. I think I bought the same exact one I saw last week.

While I love this vehicle - and that the bad guys get a huge vehicle (there's only really the BAT-AT and if you count Slave-One's new larger mold *COUGH we need a sailbarge COUGH* - I wonder if sales will be poor? This is a TPM vehicle and that movie has proven to be the worst-seller. But the inclusion of 20 Battle Droids might be an attraction. [Obi-Wan should have his Jedi robe for that scene but it doesn't look like he comes with it.]

Anyway, I hope I can hold on to it. I have to take my cat to the vet's. Pay my own medical bills. I've got a Civil War battle in Huntington Beach I'm in. Baseball fees for my team's field use and the umpire's dues. And I've got a gunfighter competition with food, ammo, and entry fees out in the inland desert this month. Plus I have to run the air conditioning 'cause it's hot! Oh, and I always have continuing expenses as I get started with my business as a writer, plus my Masters Degree program will be starting up again here shortly.

I also got the Ewoks 5-pack at Toys R Us. I'll be able to keep them for sure. They were $40 - but that works out to $8 a figure and they include extra hoods and weapons. I turned down the Rebel Pilot pack. I'm not trying to collect all the pilots of Red and Gold Squadron. [Of course I want A LOT of Rogue Squadron, from the comics, too - but that's a different story and more Exp. Univ. figures for the most part.]

Anyway, K-Mart is across the street from my place and I could walk there. I'll have to check on their Ewoks. I've no plans to buy the AT-ST crew however. Don't need them.