I found a deer in my IHOP.

This is not a joke. It's been making a quick national news anecdote.

Walking distance down the street from me, there's an IHOP - right by the Islands Burgers where a friend or two from this website have eaten with me when you've visited San Diego.

A deer (like Bambi or Rudolph) crashed through the window of the restaurant and raided the kitchen. Then the manager opened the emergency exit door and the deer bolted out of the restaurant.

There are berries and nuts available on their pankakes. There was no doubt this is why the Bambi Bandit hit the place.

San Diego police are now looking for a brown person with white spots, walking on all fours, with a cotton tail, black nose, and big ears.

I am waiting for the ACLU to file charges over the racial profiling of the suspect in this crime.

Charges include breaking-and-entering, exhibitionism or appearing in public without clothing on, destruction of private property, theft of food products, and pointing sharp weapons that could be used to injure the other customers. The deer did not pay for it's meal and in fact didn't even give a crap.

But that's what I found in my IHOP. I think you can probably YouTube the video. I didn't shoot it. I wasn't armed at the time.