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    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    Wow. That was magnificent. I'm still at a loss for words. And there was a scout w/a rifle to boot!! Thanks for sharing dude!!

    I should've posted this yest. morning so sorry for the lateness. I found some of the new marvel comic packs people were lookin for. PM, text or call for location. No thanos set though, of course.

    Target frequenters - don't forget to get a price adjust with your receipt if you bought the maul battlepack last week. All bps are on sale this week for $18. This includes the vint 3 pks too.

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    Yesterday: Culver TRU, nada. Culver Target, Maul BP.

    I opened my Maul BP, the Sith Witch is pretty good, fairly close to the art right down to her lightsaber, her back feathers are removable to make her a little more Nightsister-y (she basically looks like Mother Talzen down to the head). Savage is ok but I really miss his lightsaber, that was a tragic mistake since there's no way I'm able to get one now. Maul himself is only ok, as careful as I was to get one with good paint the chest is still off-center, and his articulation is so low that he's very difficult to pose - a rotation joint in the upper legs would have gone miles to make this figure work. His lightsaber looks like a new sculpt but I can't be sure, it is in 2 halves and can plug together, in the set it's plugged into a red energy grip that spins which is cute.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    To quote the Church of Robotology, "That equals truth!" It was like a mini 1,000,000 views celebration.
    Awesome Futurama quote, and right on - million-views JFLA party!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Meanwhile, I found that I'd fractured my arm in my 19th century railroad / Civil War re-enactment gunfight today. I'm in plenty of pain but the oxycontin they prescribed me is helping.
    As I mentioned in my text, it's good you didn't get authentic civil war-era medicine on that break.

    Quote Originally Posted by bikerscout View Post
    Maradona -- interesting description of our meetup. I don't get the Robotology & quote though - forgive my ignorance.
    It's from Futurama.

    JT: Aaaaaaaaaaa didn't I ask Hasbro at 2011 panel about the new speederbikes?? Maybe you're referring to another forum or somethin
    You asked about something that was already coming out, they confirmed something already in progress. I spent 6 years holding their feet to the fire when they kept saying "maybe later" to the idea. 9-1-06, 8-17-07 (that's the one where we suggested they do a clear stand), 9-14-07, SDCC '08 interview, 7-15-10, SDCC '10 interview, and the VERY LAST QUESTION WE ASKED THEM in the whole program at the end of last year after they even confirmed it was asking about the materials.

    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars View Post
    Those were the days huh JT? I can't believe I ever cared that much for Hasbro figures. Hasbro has gotten real good with destroying the line.
    It has been a long, wild ride. Hasbro definitely is strangling the line at this point, that's for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    Yeah, it sure was... WHEN I POSTED IT IN THE FORUMS 2 DAYS AGO!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Yeah, it sure was... WHEN I POSTED IT IN THE FORUMS 2 DAYS AGO!
    I sit corrected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    I sit corrected.
    JT is enfuego.
    All Hail Darth Schmitsky!

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    I have only slightly more money to spend (and only slightly more product I'm interested to buy) this month.

    I already stated I bought (but have not yet opened the MTT.

    I also just got the Target Exclusive with Mother Towsend (Darth Maul returns).*

    *I suppose Clone Wars is going to go for a lot of yardage with this bad story idea (IMO, Maul should have been KILLED DEAD by a deliberately VENGEFUL Obi-Wan in TPM who let his anger over Qui-Gon's fate get the better of him - thus teaching him a lesson because his true moment of victory came when he reached his calm center and accessed the Force to get Qui-Gon's blade in the first place. But the whole Naboo Generator Room affair resting as a teachable moment for Obi-Wan's character growth.) But CW is going to resurrect Maul and have him run around with Savage.

    If they do that, I think we should meet Dark Helmet's Brother's, Sister-in-Law's, Uncle's, College Roommate for a mini-story arc as well.

    Anyway, finally, to recap September, I got Toys R Us' Ewok 5-pack.

    There is little else I want. I keep seeing Captain Rex's Phase II armor look in the stores and think I should probably buy this, as I'll need it eventually. I like the figure but have no diorama plans for CW Phase II Clones

    I've seen but have no interest in "the lost wave" (why do they call it that?) on both cardback styles. But Lumat is on the cardback and I could use 3 of him. Possibly a Shae Vizla figure, too - as a substitute for Siri as a bounty hunter from Jedi Quest (Anakin's training as a padawan, when he learns Obi-Wan had once had a girlfriend amongst his fellow Jedi).

    NOTE: Obi-Wan has the coolest battles and the coolest girlfriends:


    Darth Maul
    Jango Fett
    Darth Tyranus
    Savage Opress
    General Grievous
    Darth Vader


    Cerasi - revolutionary leader of The Young
    Siri Tachi - Jedi (padawan / knight)
    Dutchess Satine (Mandalorian leader)

    And there was that girl from Last Stand on Ord Mantell, but I forgot her name.

    Still, people don't think about it, but Obi-Wan rivals Quinlan Vos as a Jedi ladies' man. Quin winds up with a prostitute and Obi-Wan even has some sort of strange love-hate thing going with a Sith-Witch (Ventress) whom I gather he was never really interested in - but Satine is the leader of all Mandalore.

    Anyway, Shae Vizla might make a good substitute for a Siri Tachi in bounty hunter disguise figure as she's pretty obscure and not likely to ever be made into an action figure. (Xanatos, Dark Knight, would be a much better choice for any first figure from the Jedi Apprentice Scholastic Books anyway.)
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    I've seen quite a few of that stupid Darth Maul Rehashes!!!1!!! set. If Target wouldn't make me pay for them and kick me out, I'd poop on them all.

    A more bizarre find... TRUs here seem to have a ton of Retaliation Cobra Troopers and Cobra Commanders (blue variant only) that weren't there before their B2G1 sale. Seems odd, since those are figures people actually want, and other stores that still have anything Joe have a few Roadblocks, Dukes, and Snake Eyes. Was there some sort of case assortment with just those two (and maybe a third higher-demand figure like the Red Ninja or Joe Trooper, who probably got wiped out already)?
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    3 Ewok sets, 3 Imperial at k-mart.

    I bought 2 Ewok sets.
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    Amy of the locals going to Power Con this weekend? I'll be going on Saturday and may return Sunday if it's a bit more expansive than last year's.

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    Culver TRU - a Jar Jar and a Sandtrooper. They FINALLY put up a tag for the Speederbikes they don't have, but in a spot where the same Vader lunchboxes have been for months, so I guess they're either mysteriously missing or going out the back door.

    La Cienega TRU - I think a Jar Jar or something. Nothing worth talking about.

    HTS has preorder for the Vehicon, I texted everybody I listed in my TF group in my phone about it when it came up but just in case you didn't get it, HTS has the TFP Vehicon finally.

    Venice Beach - a Shuttle Endeavour flying right at us, I got photos:
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Ooh! Add me to your TF distro!
    All Hail Darth Schmitsky!

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