Culver TRU had nothing of note in SW, but TF had FE Starscream and Arcee, and Chinese Wheelie and Springer, and literally dozens of MP Thundercracker. I stashed the Wheelie and Springer, but it wasn't my finest stashing in hindsight - still, PM for deets.

FE Starscream is alright, looks much nicer than Voyager, and the articulation is very expressive.

Also got TVC Clone Wars Obi-Wan from Amazon, decent figure, I'd like to have seen more range of movement on the elbows and hips and torso, the neck and head sculpt is way better than TVC CW Anakin though. Obi-Wan's got a very dark blue lightsaber blade, but a second hilt that plugs into his belt unlike CW Anakin where I think they just forgot.