Free shipping at HTS today. They had Dr. Cornelius "Roofoo" Evazan in stock, as well as a few others. I ordered him, needless to say. What's sort of pathetic is that I can't remember which, if any, skiff guards I've picked up this year, and I'm not home to check, so I just passed on them. They're all updates, anyway, and of figures who were decent enough, if not spectacular. The pricing has really gotten to the point where I could afford all the resculpts, but my common sense starts screaming at me now that they're at double digits, and it's not fun to have an argument in your head, especially when the commotion wakes up the Duchess and she starts hitting the other personalities with a shoe.

In all seriousness, though, I hit some stores last night and batted 1000 on the stuff I was looking for (mostly stuff for the kiddos that was heavily discounted, but not exactly high demand). Only the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack (which was unplanned, and I was surprised that Target even carries, much less marked down) and Walking Dead Season 1 probably interest anyone here, though. And, thanks to Amazon's sales, I got the complete series of Firefly (which I can finally watch) and Get a Life (which was easily one of the funniest shows ever, and was probably the best live-action "absurd" comedy before Arrested Development came along).