ChaddyMac and Chux. I like some of your ideas.

I think Hound is a great Autobot candidate, as well as Ultra Magnus, Kup, and Hot Rod.

Ditto on what was posted about Mirage and Sunstreaker / Sideswipe.

I also think that maybe it's time that Hasbro allows all-new characters to be created that were never in the cannon before.




- I'm just making up bad names, if only to illustrate that if you wrote them being really cool, no cannon of any incarnation would be violated, and awesome stories could be written for these guys.

Keep Optimus, BumbleBee, Ratchet, and SideSwipe alive in the background. Maybe send The Wreckers out under Ultra Magnus' command for some kind of special mission and just focus on them for a while.

The Wreckers could invite the Stunticons in and have a call for Menasor.

- Constructicons are done and the Combaticons? Well a tank (sometimes) named Brawl, and a military chopper have appeared. While Swindle could come into it, you'd have to make Blast-Off something smaller than a space shuttle for the realisitc comparative scales of the bots.

And while Alice was cool (if only because I liked staring at Isabel Lucas' @zz) animal-bots (Dinobots, or beat warriors) make little sense except for non-cannon beasts that actually look like zoo animals and are the same size as the real creatures - pretenders like Alice pretended to be human.

Unicron remains a good possibility of course.