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Yup. Like I said, I think they've been in the back for a while. I could probably get you Ric Olie as well, but be warned: he will charm the plastic panties off all your lady figures. He's just that smooth.

(Ric was one of only three figures from this wave that I bothered getting. I would've gotten the pilot, too, but he's the same mold with a less awesome head. As in "any head." Because this is Ric we're talking about.)

Been finding a lot of the "lost" 2010 GIJoes in IE Walgreens. Scored Cobra Commander (not the Renegades one, the cool update of the classic version) and Jungle BAT in Beaumont, and Hawk in Yucaipa. Banning was freshly-stocked today with Blowtorch (who I'm passing on; I got the first one), Hawk, and two Cobra Commanders.

You realize of course, now that I'm finding these for $11, they'll be at Ross in a week.
I read somewhere that there is a $4 off coupon for Walgreens Joes. If moneybags Destro shows up, please sequester as many as you find.