Target Culver City had all SW figures on sale for $6.99 down from $11. O_o I had a couple Clone Wars phase 2 clones in my cart but long lines changed my mind for me.

Amazon currently has all 5 TF FOC Combaticons for $12 and are Prime-shippable, but the search is wonky, "Transformers Generation" plus the name, and they won't come up pluralizing the name.

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Amazon has several TVC figures from the final wave listed as $3.25 "Add-Ons." I picked up a few Naboo Pilots and Gungan Warriors.
Thanks for the 411. I got one of each of those plus an Aurra Sing, Mawhonic, and Weequay for a little more (plus TF Generations Blast Off for $12). Weequay was $7.03 when I put him in my cart, but by the time I checked out he had dropped to $4.93 and "add-on" status from regular Prime, as did Nien Nunb (whom I almost also bought but couldn't think of a second need for). That's CRAZY! These figures just came out!