Found a Class I Fleet MTT Droid Fighter at TRU La Cienega today, they wanted $23.99 so I said FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGETABOUDIT! It's a really simple-looking thing with that horrible '12 Naboo Battle Pack Obi-Wan figure and a pilot Battle Droid that I think was like the 5-point-articulated droids from the MTT. $4 over the already tremendously-bloated $20 pricetag is nuts, that's 20% over the MSRP. I stashed it in the laziest way possible, behind a roleplay Rebel Fleet Trooper blaster on the middle shelf off to the left. Since none of its case-mates were there, I suppose that means some sucker is actually willing to pay that much.

TRU La Cienega also had several of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3, the $8 Elite 3-shot that's a big brother to the Jolt. I bought the Triad, it's a cool gun, three barrels but they fire one at a time and know when they're loaded and when they're not. I'll talk more about it in the Nerf gun thread.

TRU Culver City had that same lonely Dr Evazan and Quinlan Vos. Also a dlx First Edition Starscream that Bikerscout was asking about.