Crenshaw mall TJ Maxx had both new Transformers Prime Voyagers - Thundertron and Ultra Magnus - for $13 a pop. I considered buying them but then remembered the bad reviews each has gotten, and there were some eager kids who were jazzed out of their minds when I put the figures back on the shelf, they really wanted to check them out.

Crenshaw WM was abysmal for TF, and not much better for Star Wars.


Clearman's pricing... Oh yeah, I forgot that gas prices skyrocketed since the last time I was there, so I just checked, their prices have gone up a bit - they make it worth your while with big portions and lots of salad, but it may be too much. Average dinner entree price seems to be $30:
I'm certainly not locked into that pricepoint as our place, I love Clearman's but I go to Sizzler about a thousand times more often.

So, we have Maradona, me, Bikerscout*, Chux, and Bel-cam* who wants to remind us that he doesn't want to sell drugs - sure thing, buddy! Just for you. (* asterisk wearers are schedule-challenged, but I'm sure we all are to varying degrees). Anybody else?

Chux and I are not down for seafood. I don't want some fast food stand, it should be an actual restaurant unless it's super special awesome. Any other restrictions?

BCJ can only hope to go on a weekend, Sunday would be best for him. I think Bikerscout's schedule is weekdays, but not sure, let's find out.

How far is everybody willing to drive? That knowledge could help us create a zone of approval. Is anybody going to want to carpool?

Any other thoughts?