Friday: Accompanied by noneother than the Darkknight, I checked out van nuys Tru. Found a few older tvc figs that were still 1/2 price, but the bogo50 was over. Got a darth sidious, quinlan (who I vowed for the longest time i wouldn't get, but the price was right), and a bd. Also got another bd from a trade with the Darkknight(4516?)

Sat: Had the bug to hunt to find more tvc so I did my old Southbay route. It was easy for me to hit the 405 after work, so I did it. Hit 2 TRUs, a Ross, a Walmart, a Target and a Kmart. Picked up 2 more BDs from the Trus. The other stores were duds and I skipped 2 Targets since the last 5+ stores I went to from that chain had no Tvc. I did get some supplies I needed though and found out about an upcoming bluray sale.

Sun: On a tip from a reaaalllly awesome friend I picked up a Malgus stashed at Weho target. Unpunched! But wavy card. Was 9.99. Not clearance priced anymore b/c apparently the dcpi was changed, but I really can't complain. Now I have 2. Still some wave 3 tvc at that Target. On the way home I hit Noho target. No tvc, nothing great. But I did find a Thanos/Adam warlock comic pack and I stashed it in case anyone needed it. PM, text or call for details.

Lol, I still have Tvc fever from these past 2 weeks! Such is the thrill of hunting.