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Thank YOU for the TF Smokescreen and lively lunchtime conversation. Smoke is very fiddly and super thin, but he's solid in both modes and as cool as I'd hoped he'd be. I would DEFINITELY get a Prowl version of this mold.
"Right on!" to both, and I'm glad you dig Smokescreen. I hear ya, it's a good enough mold to buy again, if they do Prowl I hope they shrink the spoiler though, it's racecar sized and shouldn't be so big on a sportscar cop car.

I can't believe all the topics we covered and the ones we left untouched or barely touched, yesterday was the final episode of Young Justice, Cartoon Network and WB really shouldn't have canceled it; and the amount of SW future movie talk, my god, that could have held us through to dinner. Hope you found your second wind and made it to that wrap party.