So, after my Southbay run, I got home and saw that Disneyland was having an Annual Passholder special event last night, first look at the Iron Man experience in Tomorrowland and 2 hours of Tomorrowland time after park close. So I drove back south to Disneyland at 7pm, kicking myself for not simply going when I thought "hey, I'm halfway there anyway" earlier in the day. I got into the park around 8:45p and walked up to Innoventions only to find they had given away the entire allotment of wristbands for Tomorrowland after-hours (which I saw no mention of online being limited), but they did let me up to see the Iron Man thing. And it was lame, I expect we'll see this at the SDCC booth, it's just fiberglass recreations of the armor in a small hall of armor recreation, with the Mark 42 armor from the new movie in the middle of the room; plus there was a thing for the kids, basically Kinect lets you try on the new movie armor, shoot repulsors, and fly around the garage a little on the screen. It's tiny and underwhelming.

But at least I got to get in a burger for dinner, a fastpass for Star Tours, a ride on the Matterhorn during the fireworks which looked so cool, someone gave me their fastpass for Indiana Jones, a no-line ride on Splash Mountain, a churro, and a 2-pack of Droid Factory build-a-droids for $16 with my AP discount. And since I was solo on this run, instead of waiting with a LARGE number of people for the trams (like, nothing else that day looked so busy), I finally tried out the walk to the Mickey & Friends lot - it's a bit of walk at 2/3rds of a mile which is more than walking Disneyland west to east, but I am pretty sure only 4 or 5 trams went by from the 3 loading stations in that 12 minutes so I probably wouldn't have made it onto any of those, and since I didn't spend all day there I had enough energy to do it.

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Hey, I'm still trading for things in their weight in West Indies spices.
Stamps don't weigh much.

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Found the Joe Ninja Combat Cruiser at Super Target in Moreno Valley. Curiously, it and the 70 or so (I exaggerate, but not much) HISSes were $16.99.

Every single one I've found has been obviously opened and clumsily resealed, but it appears to be before they hit shelves. I don't suppose that might be wasting a question to Hasbro on? Probably not. They probably forgot some minor accessory in the entire run or something.
That's a good price, that's a dollar more than the Water Moccasin assortment at Target. And it's a very large tank, the new HISS. I want to track down the previous one, but not in red.

I would guess Hasbro took something out related to movie 2012 promo, paper insert or something. Or perhaps they put in a 2013 mini-catalog?

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If your MP 10 is already open, wouldn't that be better? Idk. How is Tvc Sidious awful on card? It's not a bad card i have it on.

BBTS wants $80 for reg. and foil Tvc ROTS Sidious??
Geez, you really are never going to open that figure! Fine, we'll use my MP-10.

TVC Sidious is awful on card because his robes are squashed in there, but mainly because his hood is on wrong, it shows his whole face when out of package and corrected it sits all the way over his eyes down to his nose, just like the picture on the card.

BBTS wants $80 for the Bluescreen brigade.

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No, BBTS wants that for the Fairlady Z brothers. And it is a better solution for you to bring yours SO THAT YOU OPEN IT!! I swear, he has the attention span of a gold fish.

I could probably clear a Thursday.

Cool, good deal.

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I missed JT's question somehow. I can probably do it, but it's going to depend upon what Wednesday or Thursday.
Are there specific dates you know you can't? We can plan around those.

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Up until late May, my weekday afternoons are pretty busy. When school's... out, for... sum-mah, then it's open season. No more books, or of my dirty looks.
I was thinking this month, but we can just do yet another one after Alice Cooper here is done.