La Cienega Target, nothing. Wow, huge surprise.

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I never mentioned about availability so you're probably thinking of someone else, JT?
Oops, wrong B-name, I meant Bikerscout.

I'm not sure what numerical score I'd give to IM3 but less than I would give for Retaliation which I felt was merely adequate but not something I'd really want to see again
What grade would you give Retaliation then? If you can't give them number grades, what about letter grades? What about ANY grade?

The toy line for IM3 is lackluster as well. You'd think they would capitalize on all the various armors like the Heartbreaker, Red Snapper and Igor but the best Hasbro can do are poorly articulated repaints?
NO KIDDING, this line looks so bad, a very lazy and stupid cash-in.