Culver Target, nothing of note, geez what a broken record.

Today is Thursday, 2 weeks from the official start of Comic-Con. As per Maradona's idea, we should absolutely get together for an SDCC strategy meeting at some point in the next 12 days. I'd suggest the meet-up being after the SDCC schedule goes up, but that leaves us little room for error.

Folks from the greater LA area that are definitely going to the con:
- JT
- Maradona
- Figrin Bran
- Bikerscout

I think DarkKnight4516 is going too, he's invited of course.

EVERYBODY is invited, even if you're not going, but as this is part strategy meeting, it does require that we talk about SDCC during the meet-up.

I think Chaddy is still not going to SDCC. I think Tycho is going, but I doubt he wants to drive 250 miles round trip just to strategize things he's not even buying. Chux hasn't mentioned going, so he's probably out, same with BCJ.

Bikerscout has a particular set of requirements for meeting up times, but at this point I'm not sure what that would be, so I'll let him explain.

So, we need to hustle to get the where and when together.