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I couldn't believe how well your HTS line situation went last year.

You can leave packages with the coat check people during the con, pick it up at the end of the night, I think it's like $2 a package or something. It's in various points in the lobby in front of the exhibit hall. If I have space in my trunk and you want to risk it, you can leave your stuff there on Friday-Sunday.

Glad to hear you're excited, that's cool. I also think this might be my last one for a while, but your reason is cooler, out of the country huh?
After two years of horrible luck, we ended reversed our fortunes, but we can't expect lightning to strike twice - we just have to diligent and get to the convention center at 6AM, if not sooner. I think FB got their around that time last year and I got their a while after that, danish box in hand.

I've left luggage at coat check before, but I'm apprehensive about leaving merchandise. Thanks for the trunk offer; I may take you up on that.

I might be visiting family in Argentina next summer. I don't know the dates yet, though, so I'm leaving my entire summer at the trip's disposal.

Any update on a potential meeting day between any of us?