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Save your gas and toy money when it comes to those GB figures.

To me, Black Series is far, far better executed than the Ghostbusters line and I can't envision you enjoying the quasi realistic quasi animated hybrid look of that line. I completed the core group but they're all stored away in a box.
Thanks for the advice, I appreciate that a lot. I did have qualms about that when I first saw the line.

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I don't want to get into any peeing matches, but the lack of civility is why I don't go there, and don't post on any of the Joe or TF sites I know of.
Yeah, seriously, I had to start my own TF site to get out of that sort of thing, some sites get too big and it infects the group dynamic too severely. It's a friggin' box, if it's important to you then Amazon will help you out, and if it's not important to you then enjoy your toy.

That's too bad too, I used to moderate that forum on the side before it was sold to RS.