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Give me a little warning, and I should be good. I have a particularly large dental item for you, Mr. Tricks.

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The only days that would work for me for the most part would be Sats. or Suns.
I'm starting to see a pattern

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Um... No comment.
AHAHAHAHA! Yeah, I guess that was inevitable.

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I'm in for a weekend day. My dad is coming in from Argentina this Saturday and will be here for a couple of weeks. I don't know his schedule yet, but I might have time during that period and definitely afterwards.
Have fun with your pops, I think we're seeing enough of a pattern that we can start shooting for a Saturday. I'm definitely busy this Saturday though.

Hopefully Bran and Bikerscout can do a Saturday afternoon/early evening (I know Bikerscout can't do Saturday early day due to his work schedule so let's not even bother with that).

Anybody else?