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The 14th is actually a possibility if it's late afternoon or beyond (just not too late; I do have a long drive back). The birthday party I have to get Chux Jr to and from is much earlier in the day than I expected.
Ok, thanks for keeping us in the loop.

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Anybody going to Power Con on the 14 and/or 15? I have a weekend pass.
Not I, but have you ever been before? What's it like? I can't say I'm actually tempted to go, but I am curious.

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Skimmed the last 10 pages. Sorry I haven't been on as much. No excuses, other than I haven't been lookin for black series very hard and I have my top wants of the year from comic-con. Thanks to everyone who I bumped into there: JT, Maradona, darkagent, figrin (saw u walking around, but I was too far away/out of reach), and Commtech. Wish i could remember where I saw him, everything was a blur - hope I didn't misremember. Maybe he knows, .

$131.99 for MP Soundwave. %^@&^$%^&#$^%_)**(^& yoooouuu!!!!!! Such *^$%&*#es. Ridiculous. I am happy with the price I paid at SDCC. (But wallet is still recovering from Botcon in June and SDCC in July!! :-(
Yeah, seriously, both parts.

Looking for: SW black series 4" padme and bikerscout (good paint). And TF Metroplex. Where the heck is this dude already?
I'll keep an eye out, I'm also looking for Padme. I am beginning to doubt good paint on your namesake exists outside of the TRU exclusive bike set.

Oh ya, forgot about meetup times: 9/14 or 15 may work, morning time optimally. It completely throws me off schedule going to sleep early after my graveyards & waking up "early." I normally get up at 8-8:30p on workdays. I enjoyed meeting up with ya JT and Raphael, but I was so out of it during and after -.
We definitely cannot do "morning", which to you is like 7am. Sucks about the sleep thing, but I don't see it possible getting everybody together that early, which is why I was shooting for a time in the early evening so you can hang out and go straight from that to work. But if that doesn't work with your sleep, that's reasonable.

One more thing: MP 10 Optimus is superawesome!!! I opened him for my bday. So rad!!! Haven't experimented fully with the trailer, roller and the axe, but I love it so far. Also love the old MP Prime as well. Different reasons. Why didn't anyone tell me to open him sooner??!!

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If we're shooting for the 14th I may be able to make it but I also have a friend's birthday to go to. It'll largely depend on the locations of both.

Bikerscout, I've seen all 3 of the things you're looking for at TRU's. The scouts had poor paint and Metroplex, at least at Los Feliz, costs more than the SDCC version.
Alright, thanks for keeping it in mind.

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I think LF TRU's Metroplexes were 139.99?

Saw a blast from the past there the other day, none other than Plumber Bob!
First off, that pre-tax price is INSANE! They need to level that store and turn it back into a factory if this is going to be the crap they pull. Awful store, now with higher prices.

No way, that is too funny! Haven't heard about the scalper studs in a while.