So I saw all the figures that have been released so far (I think):

All at Target....

3 3/4"

Clone Trooper (Sergeant)
Luke Ceremony
Biggs X-wing
Darth Vader (Bespin blast deflection)
Biker Scout
Anakin (AOTC)

I've not seen Padme or the Clone Pilot (I think - I wouldn't have gotten that excited that I would definitely recall).


Luke X-wing
Darth Maul


Talking Anakin to Darth (kind of cool, it whines with Hayden Christensen's real voice!)

Clone Trooper (AOTC)
Anakin ROTS
Obi-Wan ROTS
Darth Vader ROTS (I guess)

QUESTION: I am not buying any of these at all (everything above) but how come the sculpt on the ROTS 12" Obi-Wan is somewhat noticeably better than the Anakin one? There's a good quality difference there. If they're going to increase their standards for these child-toy 12" figures, than they should recall Anakin and re-issue him.


I've seen the undersized Slave-One and probably some Jedi fighters that I haven't really paid attention to appear in the new packaging - which ever is the new one. I've seen it ship in two styles. I think one was Yoda and the other I'm not sure I can recall? Shocktrooper? Maul? I definitely know I don't care.

I am waiting for Darth Plageuis' figure to ship. Hopefully 6" Luke Bespin and 6" ROTS Obi-Wan.

When I think I can spare the money, I still might buy the Amazon Big Slave One - but probably not.

It's kind of depressing for me going to the toy isle now - especially when stuff IS finally shipping, only it's not stuff I want.