Dollar General is restocking the second wave of Joes (y'know, the one I thought would never hit). I stopped in the Banning one while picking up a pizza next door (awesome pizza, if you're ever in the area), and they had two each of Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Cobra Trooper, and Shipwreck, and one CC and Duke. Also, they were on sale (buy one, get one half off).

Since these are about half the price of "normal" Joes anyway, and the Joe line seems to be on hiatus even if Hasbro won't admit it, not to mention the SW stuff I want will probably never hit retail and I've got all the TF's expected by the end of the year (except Metroplex, because, hey, I don't have an extra bedroom for him), I figured it wasn't too self-indulgent to bolster my Cobra forces by two more.