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Can you actually see how many posts you'd made in a thread, somehow? Or is this just an estimate of your activity here, JT?

I saw a BS Luminari U. at a Target recently, and I thought, maybe I'll luck out on a Plagueis or a Mara, huh?

I thought wrong, of course.
Yes, you can see how many posts you have in any thread. In either the forum or in a search such as your new posts, clicking the number of replies will pop up a window with the number of posts by every user. You can then click the user's number to see only their posts.

My Target has a Luminara permanently disappointing collectors on its pegs.

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Short notice, but if anyone snags an extra FCBD Transformers vs Joe or Rocket Raccoon, I could use 'em. If not, no worries; I'll read them eventually.
I'll do my best, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it to FCBD at all at this point, I already had plans and when I dropped by my shop earlier it was an hour before open.