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    Ysanne Isard, Armand Isard, Garm Bel Ibis, Hal Horn, the Death Star

    I just read "Interlude at Darkknell" a joint book by Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole.

    It's in "Tales of the New Republic" anthology.

    What a great, short little bit to read!

    I love how Ysanne blamed her failure on her father and rose up to take his place as the head of the Imperial Intelligence Agency in spite of her blunder.

    Hal Horn (yeah, Corran's father - Corran was 18 at this time, making him 1 year younger than Luke Skywalker) played a dangerous game with Isard.

    I love how Garm Bel Ibis was forced to flee as Corellia's Senator and joined the Rebellion as an outlaw (presumed dead by many, but known to be otherwise by Isard and the IIA).

    These are great characters actually and I'd love action figures. They can mix it up pretty well for being who they are. Garm Bel Ibis used to be in the Republic Military before he was elected Senator of Corellia. You all know CorSec Inspector Hal Horn and Director of Intelligence Ysanne Isard.

    Pretty good writing. Then again, Zahn and Stackpole are definitely in the Top 10 of Star Wars writers!
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    With some exceptions, which have been discussed here ad nasuem, the Tales of/from... anthology/short story books are awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    With some exceptions, which have been discussed here ad nasuem, the Tales of/from... anthology/short story books are awesome!
    Eh, for every great story, there's three or four that got aproval from LFL primarily because they involve no central characters, meet the scope of the themes that go into Star Wars writing (saga, emotion, and depth) but are primarily done to show some sort of high brow literary aspects that are possible to attract some new stable of writers who get the reassurance they can create the crap no one will read as long as they do the big stories we want.
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