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    Treachery on Saleucami Battle Pack (brief review)

    This battle pack rocks every bit as much as we all suspected that it might. And I found a couple of pleasant, and unexpected surprises.

    Packaging: Shorter and thicker than the regular Battle Pack packages. It seems to be about twice as thick (front to back) and 2/3 as tall while being about the same width. The artwork on the back is very nice. Informative without telling too much of the story. The front is set up to allow the contents to speak for themselves with subtle background art that is all but hidden by the toys inside. The toys are held in by a mixture of twist ties, rubber bands and the plastic trays themselves.

    B.A.R.C. Speeders: I never opened a Stass Allie B.A.R.C. Speeder so I can not compare the two. But those of you who have opened the Stass one will know if these are the same speeders or not. They are VERY nice toys. The first thing that hit me was that there is a little weight to them, giving them the feel of a solid item. I was pleasantly surprised to find retractable landing gear. The figures fit them nicely...not perfectly...but very nicely. There is a lever on the headrest that appears to have absolutely no function whatsoever other than to tip the top part of the headrest. I have been wondering if this was the lever that activated the break-apart feature of the Stass Allie Speeder. There is a shaft that extends from between the handle bars to the front of the speeder that is removeable...but like the lever at the appears to have no other function than to come off. I very much like the Speeders as a vehicle.

    Troopers: GREAT FIGURES - Made from the AOTC SA trooper as many of us guessed. They held the second surprise for me...removeable belts. They fasten behind the thermal detonator at the center of the back. The visor does not tilt as some us hoped...but I am good with that. I just look at it as another difference between these helmets and other clone helmets. The sculpt of both helmets in this pack is done very well. The two negatives I found on these figures are: 1) The big red legion mark on the thighs of the figures are a lot bigger than the Target Exclusive "Neyo-style" trooper's. This makes a big difference to me where uniformity counts. And 2) The battle damage. I have always been a hater of battle damage and these clones have it over their legion markings so they will not clean up for the formation.

    Accessories - Two of the short clone blasters are packaged with them as would be expected. I was hoping to find a place to affix them to the speeder...but no such luck.

    Overall - Wonderfull set! At 20.00, it breaks down to 5.00 each for 2 great action figures and 5.00 each for 2 great speeders. I consider this battle pack to be a steal at 20.00. When I get time...I will add a few pics.
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    To answer your questions DC, yes the speeders in this pack are the same as the Stass Allie speeders. the only difference being that the red stripes are green on Allie's. that little lever also exists on Stass' speeder but serves no function. the break apart feature is a manual one as you have to remove the parts yourself.

    i agree, this was a great pack and much better than the usual packs where we get one or two figures that we already own.

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    I agree, this is a really cool battlepack. The only problem is I don't really want more than 2 BARC speeders. I really bought this for the clones, plus two bikes. So beyond the 3 packs I got, I just can't see myself getting more because it's not economical for me. But that's not a complaint. The fact is this pack has to include the 2 speeders. Duh
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