Yes, my name is Tycho, and I like listening to Bon Jovi.

"Have a nice day!"

Songs include:

Wild Is the Wind
You Give Love a Bad Name
Without Love
Stick to Your Guns
Never Say Goodbye
Wanted Dead or Alive
Let It Rock
Living on a Prayer
Social Disease
Raise Your Hands
Wild in the Streets
It's My Life
Keep the Faith
Dry County
I'll Be There For You
Born to Be My Baby
Bad Medacine
Lay Your Hands on Me
Blood on Blood

There's really too many hits to mention. I think Bon Jovi is hard to classify for some. They aren't exactly heavy metal, but you can't call them alternative, grunge, pop, or hip-hop. They belong on a hard rock / heavy metal channel on your radio dial.

Still they perform catchy lyrics and fun songs with a little bit of a rebel attitude and Jon Bon Jovi's solo work for Young Gunns II was awesome as well.

So what do you think of Bon Jovi?