"Every butt has a hole... "
Never really liked Poison.

I used to like a lot of Def Leppard. but I got tired of the overproduced sound of "Corporate Rock"
Too many impossible harmonies that can only be created by machines.
Cher was the first one to take this technique to an extreme in the studio and make it marketable. Now everyone is using it.

Mutt Lange used it for those impossible harmonies on the later Def Leppard records. I think it's cheating, but hey everybody's doing it. You don't even have to sing on key and a pitch corrector will fix it, or create a backup singer from your voice.
A little studio secret that now is being used for live performance with a lot of bands. Well you might as well get a robot next.

Not saying Def Leppard doesn't put on a hell of a show. I saw their Hysteria Tour with Steve Clark. Steve was more of a chord and riff meister and wrote good arrangements.
Both the guitarists are shredders now. (Vivian Cambell shreds on "The Last in Line" - Dio )

Somehow I'm liking a rawer sound with more mistakes and out of tune instruments and vocals these days.