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    Def Leppard deserves a thread here!

    Def Leppard was my first favorite band in the Pyromania era. They were also my first 45 vinyl. Remember those? (Rock of Ages in my case with Billy's Got A Gun on the reverse).

    Def Leppard was the bomb through High And Dry, Pyromania, Hysteria, and Slang. I think they had an album before Slang with "Let's Get Rocked" on it, but I wasn't crazy about most of the tracks on that. I think "Tonight" was alright, as was "White Lightning" which was a tribute to their guitarist that died. Was it Steve Clark? They lost another guitarist before him that Phil Collin was hired to replace.


    Bringing on the Heartbreak
    High and Dry
    Me And My Wine
    Stage Fright
    Rock Rock (Til You Drop)
    Die Hard the Hunter
    Too Late for Love (I want this played at my funeral pyre!)
    Rock of Ages
    Run Riot
    Gods of War
    Armageddon It
    Love Bites
    Pour Some Sugar On Me
    Pearl of Euphoria

    So many to remember....

    Joe Elliot was one of my favorite singers (though he has nothing on Geoff Tate or Sabastian Bach) but I went to MANY Def Leppard concerts and even met the most rocker girls at their shows whom I had a great time partying with.
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    If you aren't still into them, you're missing out. X is one of their best albums, and Euphoria isn't far behind. I'd pass on the covers CD that came out last year (everything's a carbon copy), but there was a WM-exclusive EP that came out at the same time that is worth getting for awesome covers of Queen's "Dear Friends" and Tom Petty's "American Girl."

    Def Leppard is the bomb.

    BTW, the album you're thinking of is Adrenalize. It was a little weak, because they were trying to duplicate the Pyromania/Hysteria formula one time too many. Luckily they went in another direction altogether for Slang. I think "Truth?" and "Work It Out" from that album are two of my faves.

    After the untouchable "Pour Some Sugar on Me," of course.
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    What are the release years of "X" and "Euphoria?"

    I got to a point where I was listening to my CDs or all-new bands that got radio play (save for Metallica and Queensryche whom I always seem to know of what they're doing).

    But here's the deal:

    New bands (say Linkin Park anyone?) PAY from their profits for radio stations to play them and MTV (if they still play music at all) to air them. They're young and all about connecting with young people who everything will be new to in the first place - and who ID with the age group.

    Older bands (say Queensryche) have their established audience that follows them around (like Tycho for one example) and buys all their CDs and such without them having to lose money by paying the radio stations. If their new work is good enough (I'm American, The Hands, The Chase, from Mindcrime II) then it will get requested by the radio stations' listeners anyway. Older listeners will also appreciate the band and not look at them like obnoxious teenagers on skate boards with their lips and eyebrows pierced. (We're getting old - and here's a scary thought: - what'll happen if the New Kids on the Block try and do a reunion tour and they're all in their 30's, hehe)

    But there's a thread in our forums I've read through about bands that haven't been able to make it or struggle - like Guns N Roses trying to get it together again and Van Halen changing lead singers twice a day and staging their own children when nepotism strikes them.

    Fortunately, (I'm going to plug my favorite band again) Queensryche can put out great new material and a really good CD (just last June) and still be in demand for tours for it and put on a theater production out of a rock opera like the whole 3 hour Mindcrime event (possibly soon a motion picture movie).

    I just think that's awesome. I'm seldom disappointed with Def Leppard. I liked them very much and will look into their more recent albums.

    That's very cool that they're doing new stuff. I skipped their tour (with Journey) this past summer to attend Queensryche for only my 3rd show of theirs in the same concert season (hehehe) but Mindcrime is not like any other rock concert - with 8 actors on stage in addition to the band, plus sets, props, audience interaction, video, pyro, and everything that goes into it. What other show has an actress getting raped on stage and then committing suicide followed by her body being burned in front of a live audience? (then of course she gets up and sings her later lyrics as a ghost). Sex, guns, and money = Mindcrime (not to mention the none-too-subtle brand of politics that I enjoy - not to throw this thread into the Rancor Pit).

    But back on topic, in my lighter moments, I'm a long time Def Leppard fan!
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    Euphoria's from 1999, and X is from 2002. I couldn't even think of the title for the covers album, but it's Yeah! Not horrible, but disappointing. Like I said, the WM exclusive EP of songs that didn't make the album is actually a lot better than the album itself.
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    I stopped picking up their music after Adrenalize. I was in 8th grade when that one came out and since then I never got into them after that album.

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    That was Pete Willis they replaced with Phil Collen. Vivian Campbell (Dio) filled Steve Clark's spot after he died. Joe Elliot mentioned Steve as the one who came up with most of the riffs for their hits. I saw them during the Hysteria tour. Steve looked drunk with a Hineken in his hand most of the time. Excellent show though. The drummer (with one arm) did an extra long solo just to prove he was in the game. Some of the covers my first heavy rock band did were "Wasted" and "Let it Rock" This is before their harmonies or production of on Pyromania (the Def Leppardettes) by Mutt Lange got too complex for most cover bands to sing.


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