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    Boss Nass, a gungan?

    All the gungans that you see look relatively the same. They are skinny,have big ears, and eyes that pop out of there head. But Boss Nass does not have eyes that pop out of his head. Does anyone know why this is?
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    He's an Ankuran Gungan as opposed to an Otollan Gungan--they're two different races of Gungans. The Ankurans have a different skin color and facial features. Boss Nass has the floppy ears, but he keeps them tied back (you can see this on the figures).

    The best source of info I know of for this is the Episode One Visual Dictionary.
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    That's what I was gonna say! Thanks for getting to this one before me El Chuxter!

    p.s.- funny quote, "bro"!
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    I guess this is why Nass is the Big Boss.
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    You know I never knew that.Thanks

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    Yeah, I guess there are different "races" of gungans... look at Captain Tarpals, he looks different from the others too... perhaps it's a matter of what you'll do in life.

    The other Bosses also look different from the "average gungan" so i guess if you're purple then you'll be in the army, if your skin is kind of orange, then you'll probably be clumsy and be hated by millions of people. If you're green you'll become fat and ugly and wear great clothes. if your skin's kind of brownish then you'll be nothing but a soldier people will see in a battle but won't even try to remember.

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    So what you're saying is that the Gungans have a segregated society. Where your race determines your status in life. Kind of like America in the 60's?
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    Different Races of Gungans like us humans we have black and white people around our planet, thats what it is on Naboo!
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    Originally posted by GNT
    Different Races of Gungans like us humans we have black and white people around our planet, thats what it is on Naboo!
    Despite what the KKK says, black people and white people are the same race, just a matter of thousands of years of evolution caused by each group's environment forced physical changes such as skin pigment. I think a better analogy would be frogs and toads, they're both the same species but they're of a different genus.
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    Where are the rest of the Boss Nass type guys? Did he come into the weakling society and bully his way to power?


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