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    Treachery on Saleucami Battle Pack

    I picked this up today (actually I made it a quest to find this battle pack today, I had to hit 4 Walmarts), it's pretty awesome. Thoughts?

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    My thoughts are I wish I could find it.

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    Take heart Battle Droid. You'll find it.

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    I am of the mind that it is the single best battle pack that Hasbro has done. No repacked figures. Two great figures and two great B.A.R.C. Speeders for 22.00 is a very fair price.
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    They come in cases of 4, and every Wal-Mart I've seen them at has about 6-7 cases in the initial wave, although they might not have room to put them all out at once. They've also not moved quite as fast as expected, one store only put out 4 of them, and the last 3 didn't sell until the third day.
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    What's the deal with the BARC Speeders? Are they the ones from the Stass Allie figure, and do they still break in half?
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    I found these about a week ago. Got 3, which is more than enough for me. Love the figures. Wish the visor on one of clones could be raised. Neyo's pitch perfect. Good articulation on both clones, and the paint job is excellent.

    Not as big a fan of the B.A.R.C speeders(which don't think break in half) beyond the first two I got. Of course, I'd like more clones than speeders, but the battlepack was done just as it should be considering the scene.

    There were about 24 of them when I got mine, and one day later that number went down only by about 6. But I assume they're pretty much gone now.
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    I would be nice if either of our WM's would put the darn things out!!!
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    Humph. I didn't even see the separation of the twins figures at any Wal Mart near me. And now I have visited four, yes FOUR, Wal Marts in search for that cool battle pack and not one has it out on the shelf. This is a big bummer. Hopefully my WM will put this out within a month. This is craziness.
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