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    The Spin Doctors guitarist was pretty good.

    Alot of the "Alternative" that came out during that time was crap. Though some of it was really good.
    Some good bands like The Grays, DaDa, Jellyfish, etc. didn't get a whole lot of airplay.

    I think the potency of the Heroin or the lack there of at the time had alot to do with the suckiness of some Alternative and Grunge bands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    The Spin Doctors were not crap.

    Guitarist Eric Schenkman had all the talent and took it with him when he left, is all.
    I liked the three hits that I recall, "Two Princes", "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" and "Jimmy Olsen's Blues".

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    MSP, have you heard Belly's take on "Are You Experienced" from the Stone Free tribute album? (Remember the days when every week meant a new tribute album?)
    I just looked it up on and heard a clip. It sounded all right. Spin Doctors have a song on there too. The allmusic review isn't very long, but it mentions Belly's contribution as being surprisingly good. It also says most of the album is cringe-inducing, specifically mentioning the Spin Doctors.

    Quote Originally Posted by JON9000
    Ugh, early-nineties "alternative" music. So "authentic". I was the only person who recognized instantly that the Spin Doctors were crap. Chick rockers from that era (Belly, Liz Phair, Veruca Salt) were almost universally devoid of talent, although I did have a soft spot for some of the Breeders' stuff.
    That was a good time for me. I was in college here in NW Washington at the time, the whole Nirvana/grunge/alternative thing was big, so it was kind of cool to have the spotlight on Seattle. I saw many shows on campus or in the local bars. Some friends of mine started a band and I enjoyed listening to their stuff. As far as talent goes, I quote the song "Get Up and Go" by the Teen Idles, the first release on Dischord Records.

    You keep talking about talent
    Talent? What do you know?
    Instead of studying theory
    We're going to get up and go

    That's what rock, especially punk rock, is all about. Just doing it. Maybe that's why Nike tried to use a Minor Threat album cover in an ad. Pick up a guitar, start a band, play a show. If no one wants to release your record, start your own label.


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