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    Question about the unmade figure lists, has this guy been listed?

    Specifically, I'm asking about the white haired Rebel Fleet Trooper at the very beginning of Star Wars, the first person we get a close view of, the one Samuel L. Jackson says he thought the movie was going to be about when he first saw Star Wars. Anyway, has that guy ever been put on anybody's "needed unmade figures" list before?

    Think we need him?
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    The guy who I thought was HAn SOlo when I was a kid? I say make him.
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    Red 6 lists him as Lt. Pello Scrambas (Pel-low Skrahm-baz):

    Also he has a short biography online here:

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    Is one of the dudes in the Tantive IV Battle Pack him, by chance? I thought one of them looked a bit like him.

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    No, the battle pack has red and brown haired ones. With a little paint, you could have one pretty fast.

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    the tantive battle pack rebels look a bit metrosexual. Especially the red haired one.
    The guy I always assumed was a commander rank dude with the grey hair should get done. The movie does focus on his worried expression. And he looks like a seasoned fighter. Plus he has cool eyebrows. Plus more rebel troopers is always good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman View Post
    The guy who I thought was HAn SOlo when I was a kid? I say make him.
    You weren't the only one. I did, too !

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    They should have made this guy years ago!!! He's "THE" Rebel Trooper, IMO. Every time they make a rebel trooper figure, I hope against hope that it's going to be him, only to be disappointed without fail.

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    He looks like Leslie Nielson
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    Yeah, what most of you have said- he's pretty much the first "character" in the film, and seeing as we've got figures of pretty much every SE CGI POS there is, the fact that the FIRST "GUY" in ALL OF STAR WARS doesn't exist yet is ludicrous.

    I remember when I got the first Rebel Fleet Trooper and I was pretty stoked, but the more I thought about it, the more I wished it were that guy instead. Dunno how he in particular missed the cut SO many times, good call JT
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.


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