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    All Time Favorite Droid Figures

    Okay, it was a struggle . . . but I finally narrowed it down to Five.

    5) TC-14 -- Finally, a protocol unit whose legs aren't ridiculously wide apart! And the silver finish and the eye detail is well done. Plus the accurate tray was a great accessory. Nicely doubles as the rude droid on Bespin in ESB.

    4) 2-1B -- This was IMOP the first landmark in droid figures and for a very long time, truly the highwater mark in the newline. The sculpt is flawless. And the battered, pitted deco just blew me away. It still does. Now the only thing that could make this fig better is elbow joints. But, honestly, who thought of that at the time?

    3) R2D2 w/HOLOGRAM LEIA -- the tiny blue packin is cheesy but in a fun retro cool way. How I'd have dug this as a child. Also the best R2 figure to date.

    2) R4M9 -- a long awaited type of astro droid and from the carded photos we've seen thus far, a real winner. Now if only R5D4 would come down the pipe.

    and drumroll please for the best droid fig ever . . .

    1) FX-7 Not a big surprise, I'm sure. Everything about this figure is perfect. Enough Said.

    What are your favorites?

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    Here's my list

    1. FX-7
    2. R4-M9
    3. 2-1B
    4. Holo Leia R2
    5. tie between R2-B1 and TC-14

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    Let's see here, I think my favorites would have to be:

    1. FX-7: Excellent figure, makes the vintage one look pathetic.

    2. TC-14: They need to use this body for a new C-3PO.

    3. R4-M9: Ok, I don't have it yet. But I love this unique droid.

    4. R3-T7: Not out until March, but I've always wanted a clear domed R3 unit.

    5. R2-Q2: Nice to see an Imperial Astromech, now lets get his R4 cousin.

    Honorable mentions to: R2-D2 w/Holo Leia, C-3PO from the TRU MM coin set, and K-3PO.

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    1. Artoo with holo Leia
    2. Destroyer droid
    3. FX-7
    4. Pit droid 2-pack
    5. IG-88
    6. R4-M9
    7. Boomer damage battle droid
    8. IT-0 interrogation droid
    9. Power droid
    10. Federation droid fighter with walk feature

    An impossible task and a list which changes in my mind constantly depending on my mood. I don't always have favourites as i like them all. Why are the pit droids up so high? They're cute is all I have to say. I could have gone on and on but limited myself to ten and stopped. Top twenty droids maybe.......?

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    Of droid action figures that I do currently own, here are my top five favorites:

    1. EV-9D9: Since the 1985 POTF version is rare and expensive, I'm really glad they chose to redo this one. I just recently got this one even though it's been out since 1997, and I love the accessory it comes with.
    2. C-3PO from the Purchase of the Droids cinema scene. The weathering detail on this figure is spectacular. It looks about like my old C-3PO looked after years of playing with it. This C-3PO is crazysandycool!
    3. GONK Droid. Okay, so this little fellow isn't too colorful, but the sculpt is so good! It's such an improvement over the original.
    4. R2-D2 with booster rockets: looking like R2 should!
    5. Interrogation Droid--truly Vader's most fearsome ally.

    Of droid action figures that I do not currently own, but definitely want to, here are my top five:

    1. R4-M9: This figure is going to rock! I can't wait for it!
    2. R2-Q5: IMHO, this figure has the most play value of any figure to come out in a long time. I mean, its accessory is practically a Micro Machine! I can imagine Vader keeping the plans to Death Star II stored in this little guy. He's like a bizzaro-R2-D2. Lots and lots of fun.
    3. R3-T7: The clear domed droid is something I've wanted to see as long as, well, as long as R4-M9. Now, I say, bring on the R3-T6 from the Death Star!
    4. TC-14/K-3PO tie for this spot because two protocol droids are better than one!
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    (2-1B) Great job Kenner, I love the clear belly. Sometimes I wish Kenner still had the license. (FX-7) WOW!!! If you have him, you know what I mean. (R3-T7) Clear Dome! Right on Hasbro it only took 25 years (K-3PO) I don't know, maybe it's what wearing (8D8) One mean SOB!! (4-LOM) I guess because he's a Bounty Hunter.
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    1. R2-Q5 (Granted not all that easy to find, but c'mon, much easier than R2 w/ Holo Leia, and it's great they used the same mold)
    2. FX-7
    3. POTJ IG-88 (This figure was great....even if his legs suck.)
    4. 3PO w/ Removeable Limbs
    5. 3PO that came with the coin (Awesomely done.)
    6. R2 w/ Holo Leia (even if I do only have it carded but I know like the R2-Q5, I'd enjoy it.)
    7. R4-M9 (Can't wait for this one)
    8. R3-T7 ( ---^ )
    9. Security Droid (Best TF Droid figure!)
    10. AOTC regular Battle Droid (It will look great with the security droid.
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    Of the ones that are currently available:

    1. FX-7 (POTJ)
    2. R2-Q5
    3. IG-88 (POTJ)
    4. TC-14 and R2-B1 TIE
    5. C-3PO MMC and R2-D2 w/holo Leia TIE

    I will wait to rate the new droids due out later this year, until I have them in my hot little hands.

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    This seems like the right place to say- Is there anyone here who would like to see droids (especially the long leggedy ones) done in something other than that crazy rubber they invariably end up using? Those noodle legs really drive me nuts!! I imagine it's for cost or safety related reasons, but geez!!!
    Worst droids- ASP-7 and datalink R2D2(the one that breaks as soon as you open him)
    Best- 4-Lom just because, and 21B fro the above mentioned deco and clear belly(if he lit up and said "take care sir" he could be the greatest figure ever) FX-7 would be here too, but I haven't seen him freed yet.
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Honorable Mentions

    I totally forgot about the two medical droids! If I had been thinking about them when I was making my list, 2-1B would definitely have been on my top five list! The vintage version was always one of my favorites as a kid, and the 1997 version was excellent, too!

    FX-7: Not only does this figure belong on my list of top five favorite droids that I don't own yet, but it should have been placed near the top! The design is really top notch from what I've seen!

    Other honorable mentions: R2-B1 and the red R2 from the Queen's Starship.
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