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    Phil Collins / Genesis

    Ya know, it's all in good fun, but I hope no one takes seriously how bad South Park made fun of Phil Collins while promoting "Timmaeee!"

    "Another Day In Paradise"
    "Rain Down"
    "In The Air Tonight"
    "Long, Long Way To Go"
    "I Don't Care Any More"

    (I'm struggling to remember what hits are his solo work and which should be credited to Genesis)

    Speaking of Genesis, I really like that metal bands update to "Land of Confusion" that's being played everywhere now.

    "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight"
    "Invisible Touch"

    There's plenty more. He's a great singer / musician.
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    I agree, love Land of Confusion and Driving the Last Spike.
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    It's rare to see this, but Genesis has such a diverse following between it's original members and style and it's subsequent incarnation with Phil Collins leading the helm. Fans of Peter Gabriel consider the "new" Genesis with Collins blasphemy for Phil abandoned the songwriter's style of music to pen more radio friendly hits. Fans of Collins's Genesis music usually have no interest in the Gabriel era.

    I myself like only a few of the Gabriel era's Genesis hits ("In Your Wardrobe") even though I concede that those years were the high point creatively, of the band. I like the early Collins's hits such as "Abcab," "Misunderstanding,"
    "Illegal Alien," and Taking It All To Hard," all hits before their smash Inivisible Touch album. I also like "Never A Time," "Throwing It All Away," and "Jesus He Knows Me."
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    Try listening to Genesis "Wind and Wuthering" (1975) and "And then there were Three" (1976 or 77) same guys with Phil Collins as the singer (after Peter Gabriel left) The band was at their peak musically. These two albums are unbelievably good (the former my favorite) This is before they made music geared for MTV and Phil went solo. Though the later stuff is good also...... The cover of "Land of Confusion" by Disturbed is ok, but too bad they can't get the middle instrumental part right. (picky-picky)

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    "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII can't dance. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII can't talk. Only thing about me is the way I walk."

    also I would have said "Su su sudio"

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    Never been much of a fan of Phil Collins or the Sega Genesis.
    I had a Super Nintendo.

    Super Mario Kart was awesome.
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