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    Uses for a redundant POTF2 Slave-1?

    Well with the far superior AOTC Slave-1 coming out I wondered what the heck I'm going to do with my now redundant POTF/SOTE version. I don't want to throw it out even though *shock horror* it came in a shadows box and cost me peanuts. I was wondering if anyone had any bright ideas about what to do with it (apart from chuck it in the trash) it's going to look really lame next to the new one and all out of scale so.......???????????? Ideas?

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    Two words: Battle Damage
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    Why not reverse engineer it and turn it into a lamp? Jk, .
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    Well even though you aren't here anymore Jargo, I am going to reply. I would just use it as a display in a diarama or something. Also, maybe you could customize it into another bounty hunter's ship. It has the same basic shape......sorta......
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