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    Capture of Tantive IV Battlepack

    Initially, it was much maligned. People OVERREACTED when mock ups, mock ups people, were used showing sandtrooper paint jobs. What was shipped? CLEAN versions.

    Is this set perfect? No, nothing Hasbro does ever is. Is this set good/worth it? Yes. If you're going to do it from a purely dollar and sense view, you are getting 2 figures for free. Alright, one of those figures you don't want or need, so really only getting one, but that's something right?

    The head sculpts of the Rebel fleet troopers are decent. They do look like bbi Elite Force troopers though. The helmet paint job is a bit lacking. The necks are stooped a bit forward, giving them swan necks when their helmets are removed. If these were single carded figures, they'd be graded as C+/B-. They are perfectly average.

    The stormtroopers as I've read are evolution set based. While the articulation is superior in the arms as just about anything out there, I have a problem with the wide base of the legs. Their is a huge gap between the underneath thermal layer and the armor at the hip joint. I also don't see the point of not including the thermal detonator on the back of the belts here. Now on to the pluses. These are clean, white, polished gleaming, non-dirty paint applications. There is no insidious gap in the back where the sandtrooper backpack would go. Indvidually carded these would be B figures.

    Darth Vader w/ITO droid is the throw away/thrown in. There probably is some unwritten rule of having an army building set include some figure who is the anti-builder. This isn't the worst figure ever, however there have been better Vader figures since its release. I guess it is refreshing because we haven't seen it in a while, and I've never seen it upclose and personal. There was no wrong colored lightsaber included. Actually, there was no lightsaber at all, so overreacting hypochondriac collectors can come out of the emergency rooms and back to their mother's basements. This ITO droid is superior to the one included with the SAGA accessory set interms of sculpt. I'm not sure it's size is that accurate though. In its day, it was a B+ figure, now it is a C-.

    The packaging, which isn't really relevant since I open everything, looks nice. The background is a reasonable proximity of that very opening scene. The 30th Aniversary box is odd in a Battlestar Galactica missing the corners way, but it works. The contents in the box were easy to spot hidden between several sets of Geonosis and Dagobah sets.

    I downgraded alot of these figures as indviduals, however the set is where it works. As a group/unit, they parts sum up to be something more than the whole. While Hasbro gave those who have nothing better to do into a panic for a few weeks/months, it delivered. As a set, the whole thing grades out to be a A-. It's not the top of the class, but it is close and separated itself from just about everything else.
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    Great review! I bought 3 of these already. The Stormtroopers and Rebel Troopers frikkin rule! I plan on getting a few more sets.

    I hate that at least 1 figure cant be an army builder. The Vaders are alright but I'm gonna hauk mine. An Imperial Officer would have been a better choice.
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    I'm not wowed by this set.

    I don't want another Vader. The Rebel Troopers are decent figures, but I don't need any more. (Maybe if they'd reworked 'em, and given them some more articulation.) The Stormtroopers are nice, but not enough of a reason to get me to spend $20 on this.

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    I gave this set a positive recommendation in my last column, I think the RFTs look fine and the helmets look decent - the brown haired guy's chin is weak, and the black haired guy's head gets big at the top, but such are real people. The helmets aren't identical on mine, the chin straps only fit their figures, I can't swap 'em - one is loose and the other is too tight, but I don't care. I really wish Hasbro had included the slightly larger Rebel blaster, the one with the smaller trigger guard hole, this tiny pistol is like the noisy cricket of the Rebel troops.

    Vader is crap, and I never liked this figure all that much, but the cape is sewn so sloppy now and mine is glued on too low. Who cares though.

    The stormtroopers are very impressive, they're lacking the awesome mid-torso articulation and accurate belt design of the VOTC, but their whites are whiter, their sculpts are tighter, and their stance is a little more dynamic - I think I actually prefer these over the VOTC, despite their flaws.

    "A-" sounds like an accurate grade for this set, it's not perfect but for the price you get 2 sets of army builders that are decent and a few throw-away items for less than the price of 3 basic figs.
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    I needed more RFTs and this set was the best way to get two more for cheap (along with a couple more Stormtroopers).
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